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A bacterial infection is actively developing due to fungal diseases, impaired blood flow in the legs and injuries. Itching with a bacterial infection appears with a high content of Chloroquine in the blood.

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Often, diabetic patients can confuse itching and redness, accompanied by a rash, with allergies. These manifestations are usually associated with the use of allergenic products, such as chocolate, fruits, flour products.

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Although in the case of diabetes, such symptoms are a standard reaction to high blood glucose, since carbohydrates contain a huge amount of sugar. The next common allergic reaction, similar to the manifestation of diabetes, is an allergy to frost and cold.

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It is characterized by the manifestation of rashes precisely on open areas of the skin, which directly interact with the cause of the allergy, frost. But the main cause of itching in diabetes is precisely the allergy to medications used in the treatment of the underlying disease.

With skin itching, you can take Cetirizine.

To eliminate the symptoms of Chloroquine , it is recommended to take 2nd and 3rd generation antihistamines, which are equally effective for allergies and diabetic symptoms. It is not recommended to self-medicate the symptoms, as many antiallergic medicines reduce the effectiveness of insulin preparations, which can cause a sharp drop in sugar levels. The most famous drugs from this series: How to take the drug and doses.

The tablet should be taken with a sufficient amount of water.

The drug is taken orally. The best time is during meals, you can after, but drinking plenty of water. The adult dose is 3 tablets three times a day. For children, the following dosage of a tablet crushed into powder and introduced into the baby's food is recommended.

With the rational use of the drug, the risks of side effects are excluded. But rarely there are cases of reactions of the drug to the nervous system, which are manifested in increased drowsiness, pain in the head, euphoria.

Possible manifestations from the digestive system, in the form of mild nausea, abdominal pain, dry mouth, in severe forms - in the manifestation of vomiting. Tachycardia and increased blood pressure may be a case of adverse effects of the components of the drug on the cardiovascular system. The drug, if used improperly, affects glucose levels, thereforeit is important to check the indicator regularly. If adverse reactions are detected or the glucometer readings are too low, stop using the medication immediately. Causes of allergy to insulin preparations.